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Aviation maintenance in Asia-Pacific: Trends confirmed

#AirshowSkyPatrol For the first time ever, the Asia-Pacific region has exceeded North America in Aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) expenditure with an annual spend of around 20 billion US dollars. That's equivalent to 30% of all MRO expenditure worldwide.

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Boeing just signed a contract with Singapore Airlines Cargo Pte. Ltd (SIA Cargo). The...

Boeing and Boeing Asia Pacific Aviation Services Pte Ltd, (BAPAS) a joint venture between The Boeing Company and SIA Engineering Company (SIAEC), announced the signing of a contract for customized solutions from the Boeing Global Fleet Care portfolio–Fleet Engineering Services – with Singapore Airlines Cargo Pte. Ltd (SIA Cargo). Through the agreement, BAPAS will provide the Global Fleet Care services requested by SIA Cargo to its entire fleet of 747-400 freighters. “Boeing Global Fleet Care’s reach is a worldwide effort,” said David Longridge, vice president of Commercial Services Sales for Boeing Global Services. “Our work with Singapore Airlines Cargo Pte. Ltd demonstrates how Global Services is providing wide-ranging solutions to meet our customers’ maintenance and engineering needs.”

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Lockheed Martin may soon pass the title of “the fastest plane to ever exist”...

In 2013, Lockheed Martin announced the development of the successor to the SR-71 Blackbird spy plane. The SR-71 was capable of reaching speeds over three times the speed of sound, and the SR-72 is intended to have even more impressive specs. Following is a transcript of the video. The SR-72 is the successor to the SR-71 Blackbird spy plane, which was the fastest plane to ever exist. Built by Lockheed Martin in the 1960s, the SR-71 could reach speeds exceeding Mach 3 (above 2,200 mph). That's over 3 times faster than the speed of sound. The recon jets went out of service in 1998. Development of the SR-72 was announced in 2013.

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Will civilian supersonic flights be back on the horizon? With the new Quiet SST it might...

Call it an old idea in a new box. NASA engineers are working on a Concorde-like commercial airplane that doesn't produce the bone-jarring sonic booms that helped derail the original Concorde, which made its last flight in 2003. A $20 million design contract for the QueSST -- for Quiet SST -- was awarded to Lockheed Martin at a Monday press conference at Reagan National Airport in Washington, DC.

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Airbus A330 Neo Takes First Flight.

TOULOUSE — The first prototype of the A330-900 has taken off this morning before the eyes of Airbus’ employees, invitees, and media. The aircraft, (F-WTTE · MSN 1795) departed Toulouse–Blagnac Airport at 09:57 local time (07:57 GMT), commanded by Captains Thierry Bourges, and Thomas Wilhelm, Experimental Test Pilots, and Alain Pourchet, Test-Flight Engineer. The Flight Test Station Staff were Jean-Philippe Cottet, Emiliano Requena Esteban, and Gert Wunderlich. The progress of the test flight focused on the aircraft’s handling characteristics, and flight envelope was monitored in real time by a ground station via a direct telemetry link.

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News ItemSource: Australian Business Traveler

Can Boom really bring back supersonic passenger flights?

Ask a harried air traveller about the basics of modern flight, and you’ll probably elicit surprise when they discover commercial airplanes fly only as fast as they did in the 1950s. Given the range of aerospace advances in the past half-century, plus the technological leaps in almost every other area of human endeavour, it seems reasonable to ask: Why can’t we fly faster?

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