12 February 2020, 10:30am to 12:30pm

Global fleet and MRO growth forecasts continue to exceed expectations, creating a healthy market opportunity for maintenance providers, OEMs, information technology suppliers. Today’s e-enabled aircraft produce terabytes of valuable operational data which, if efficiently and effectively leveraged, have the potential to dramatically improve operational performance and the customer experience. The potential gains of using big data analytics, blockchain technology, artificial intelligence and robotics to support predictive maintenance are huge. But their application will present challenges and implementing them in a cost-effective manner will take time. Our experts will cut through the hype and weigh in on the real-world potential and challenges to integrating these emerging technologies in the MRO industry.

10:30am – 10:50am
Welcome Remarks & MRO Market Trends

An overview of the global demand for MRO services to include the key drivers of growth.

Mr. Jonathan Berger

Managing Director, Alton Aviation Consultancy

10:50am – 11:10am
Driving Innovation in Aviation MRO

An overview of SIAEC’s activities in the areas of digitalisation, automation and robotics, data analytics and predictive maintenance.

Mr. David So Man Fung

Acting Senior Vice President, Transformation & Innovation, SIA Engineering Company

11:10am – 11:30am
The Impact of Predictive Maintenance in MRO Operations

A concept of end-to-end (E2E) predictive maintenance and how natural language processing can be used in MRO operations will be demonstrated.

Mr. Jonathan Berger

Managing Director, Alton Aviation Consultancy

11:30am – 11:50am
Simplifying Blockchain for MRO

How will blockchain change the way we think about data, the aftermarket, and safety? Tangible examples for how it is transforming MRO and guidance on how to prepare your organization for the future will be discussed.

Mr. Todd Siena

Founder & CEO, Block Aero Technologies Limited

11:50am– 12:30pm
Panel Discussion / Q&A Session

An interactive panel discussion to include questions from the audience.


Mr. Jonathan Berger


Mr. David So Man Fung

Mr. Todd Siena


Jonathan Berger

Managing Director

Alton Aviation Consultancy


Jonathan Berger brings 25+ years of MRO industry experience to his client engagements. Jonathan leads Alton Aviation Consultancy’s Global Aerospace & MRO practice, specialising in strategic planning, market analysis, operational improvement, and commercial M&A due diligence. Prior to joining Alton, Jonathan was a vice president at SH&E and ICF, where he was responsible for leading the global airline engineering and maintenance advisory practice. He began his career at Delta Air Lines, where he held numerous leadership roles in airline operations, quality assurance, supply chain management, and technology. During his final assignment with Delta TechOps, Mr. Berger was based in Paris, France responsible for developing and executing an MRO sales & marketing strategy the Europe, Africa and Middle East (EMEA) region.  Jonathan received his BS in Industrial Management from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

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Todd Sienna
Founder & CEO
Block Aero Technologies Limited

Todd Siena comes from the leading edge of the millennial cohort with over a decade of experience executing on projects in aerospace manufacturing, MRO, aftermarket, and finance. As the Founder of Avia-Tek, he successfully completed a wide range of consulting and trading transactions with airlines, MROs, OEMs, PE investors, and large financial institutions.

The inefficiencies of the aviation ecosystem in regards to traceability and documentation standards inspired him to found Block Aero Technologies (2017), an aerospace asset management platform that uses machine learning and blockchain to search and synchronize aircraft, engine, and component data across organizations.

Todd has given speeches to leaders of the global aviation industry at the widely respected SpeedNews Aerospace Suppliers Conference, MRO Asia-Pacific, Paris Air Lab at Le Bourget, the inaugural ICAO Aviation Blockchain Summit, and many more. He was recognised as one of the Top 40 Under 40 Executives in the industry by Aviation Week.

Todd, an Asian-born American, has lived in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Ohio, North Carolina, Shanghai, Florida, and Bangkok. He speaks Chinese and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Asian Studies and Entrepreneurship from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He was awarded the Stedman Award for Entrepreneurship and a fellowship with the Ewing Marrion Kauffman Foundation. 

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David So Man Fung
Acting Senior Vice President
Transformation & Innovation
SIA Engineering Company

David was appointed Acting Senior Vice President Transformation & Innovation in January 2020 and oversees the Transformation programme and technology adoption efforts across the Company.

He joined SIA Engineering Company (SIAEC) in 2005, as an Executive Engineer in Engineering Division, specialising in airframe systems and aircraft structures. Between January 2011 and 2014, he held various managerial positions in Engineering Division and Fleet Management Division.

He was appointed as Vice President Engineering in July 2015, where he was the accountable manager for the design organisation approvals. Under his portfolio, he managed various departments such as Engineering, Planning and Fleet Technical Management programmes including reliability, maintenance programme and compliance monitoring.

From April 2016, he led the Engineering Division and Innovation Group. He established tactical and innovative plans for technology adoption across all divisions to drive business growth, such as additive manufacturing, data analytics, internet of things and robotics. 

He was appointed Vice President Transformation Office in October 2017 where he oversees the business transformation and change management.

He currently sits on the board for JAMCO Aero Design & Engineering Pte Ltd. Between 2013 and 2017, David was on the council of the Institution of Engineers Singapore. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from the National University of Singapore and is a Chartered Engineer (Singapore).

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