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The Sky Is The Limit!

You can advertise in our Official Trade Directory, Visitors Pocket Guide and website; run a TV commercial on our Giant LED TV or take up any one of our many sponsorship options. There are a variety of combination packages available and we will work with you to develop a truly customised sponsorship programme for maximum effectiveness!

Make a cost-effective investment in your brand and achieve global recognition with your sponsorship at Singapore Airshow now!

Connect With Your Audience In Close Proximity!
Networking is the lifeblood of business and Singapore Airshow makes it easy to mix with key stakeholders in the industry. A comprehensive programme of networking events runs throughout the week and prior to the event, enabling you to showcase your brand, interact and meet prospective clients and partners.

Singapore Airshow 2020 Opening Ceremony and Industry Welcome Reception
Held on the eve of the opening day, the Singapore Airshow 2020 Opening Ceremony and Industry Welcome Reception is a prolific event attended by over 2,000 exhibitors and delegates alike. Take advantage of this opportunity to network and showcase your brand to this targeted group of industry professionals


Singapore Airshow 2020 Welcome Lunch
The Singapore Airshow 2020 Welcome Lunch is one of the highest profile events of the week and provides the perfect platform for you to showcase your company. Attended by official delegates and international aviation professionals, you get the opportunity to showcase your brand through various touch-points e.g. pre-event branding on invitation cards, event signage, access to special VIP areas and a pre-agreed number of complimentary tickets.

Welcome Lunch

Singapore Airshow Regular Industry Networking Events
Singapore Airshow is privileged to host regular industry networking events for participating exhibitors and partners. Every Airshow, at least one industry networking event is held in fabulous 4- and 5-star locations to achieve the perfect mix of business and pleasure. For organisations seeking to position themselves in close proximity to the ever-growing influential aerospace business community, this is a great opportunity to promote your brand all-year-round.

Networking Events

Gain Customer Confidence By Being A Sponsor!
The event brings together world-class speakers; from captains of industry and political leaders to academics and authors. Gain immediate recognition as an industry leader by having your organisation listed as one of the sponsors for our conferences, forums and seminars.

Singapore Airshow Aviation Leadership Summit 2020
This summit brings together high-level participants from airline operators, regulators, private sector and government to address a wide range of hot topics facing the civil aviation industry. As a sponsor, your brand will be visible to top-level executives and decision makers in the commercial aviation industry!


Singapore Airshow Business Forums
The Business Forums aim to provide industry insights and strategic guidance to tap on business opportunities in the key aerospace growth markets. Gain customer confidence by having your organisation listed as one of the sponsors for the Singapore Airshow Business Forums!

Business Forums

Singapore Airshow Technology Seminars
Scheduled at different time slots over the four-day event, exhibitors will put forward in-depth understanding of the design and technological considerations behind the products and solutions on showcase. Take advantage of this opportunity to impress the visitors with your branding message!

Technology Seminar

Impact Visitors And Stand Out From The Crowd!
The uniquely global and niche nature of Singapore Airshow means you can reach your target audience, the aerospace community from around the world all at one location! There are not many events that can offer such international exposure for your portfolio!

Pillar Wraps
Place your brand where you will really be noticed! Our VIP delegates and visitors entering the exhibition hall will definitely be impressed by the 16 pillar wraps dominating the main entrance at the plaza area.

Pillar Wrap

Flying Control Tower
The highest point on-site, attention will be naturally drawn to the Tower upon entry. Be assured of maximum exposure when you sponsor this prominent structure. Visible from anywhere on the show ground, the Tower provides an excellent branding opportunity for your company. Branding of the Flying Control Tower is subject to organiser's approval and the sponsorship price excludes production.

Flying Control Tower

Pedestrian Bridge
Grab the attention of visitors as they cross the Pedestrian Bridge - the only route to the exhibition hall from the Registration Gateway. The Pedestrian Bridge is an excellent branding opportunity as it is highly visible when visitors make their way into the show site.

Pedestrian Bridge

Registration Gateway
Seize the attention of visitors even before they enter the exhibition hall! Our Registration Gateway offers tremendous exposure with exclusive branding opportunities. Create an impact and brand your company in a big way by sponsoring the Registration Gateway. Branding of the Registration Gateway is subject to organiser's approval and the sponsorship price excludes production.

Registration Gateway

Location Boards
With a 40,000sqm exhibition hall and an accompanying 90,000sqm static aircraft display area, the first stop for any visitor to get their bearings would be our Location Boards. Located at strategic crossroads, entrances and exits of the show ground, our Location Boards guarantee maximum exposure at high traffic areas.

Floor Plan

Hotel Shuttle Buses
Extend your branding beyond the show grounds and reach a captive audience! Our shuttle buses travels to and fro the show ground, picking up delegates and visitors from a number of hotels and designated locations. As a sponsor, you will enjoy exclusive branding rights on the interior and exterior of the buses as well as on transportation schedules. Branding of the Hotel Shuttle Buses is subject to organiser's approval and the sponsorship price excludes production.

Hotel Shuttle Buses

Seaborne Billboards
Dominate the landscape! Visible from almost anywhere at the show ground, these Seaborne Billboards offer sponsors tremendous exposure at the event.

Seaborne Billboards

LCD TV Screens at Registration Gateway
Schedule a 30-sec commercial or video display on our LCD TV Screens at the Registration Gateway and be the first to greet visitors even before they enter the exhibition hall.

LCD TV Screens

Aisle Banners
Gain maximum visibility by sponsoring our exhibition hall Aisle Banners. Highly visible from within the hall, visitors will see your company name prominently displayed on the Aisle Banners. The sponsorship price excludes production.

Aisle Banners

Courtesy Golf Buggies
These Golf Buggies will be used by trade visitors to get around the show site. Get your message or company branding on these highly visible and highly sought-after vehicles during the show.

Golf Buggies

Trade Invitations
Our Trade Invitations provide you the perfect opportunity to reach highly qualified trade visitors of Singapore Airshow. The Trade Invitations are distributed via post mail to C-level visitors as well as sent out by exhibitors to their guests.

Trade Tickets

Media Centre
With hundreds of international and local media covering the Airshow, the Media Centre is the hot-spot for great press! Build your brand and increase your presence among this group of specialised professionals by sponsoring the Media Centre.

Media Centre and Hospitality Chalet

Badges and Lanyards
Badges and Lanyards are distributed to all visitors upon registration and are required for entry to the event. With lanyards custom-printed with your company logo, you are guaranteed non-stop exposure throughout the show! Branding of the Badges and Lanyards is subject to organiser's approval.

Badges and Lanyards

VVIP Lounge
Exclusive to hosted delegates and visiting officials, the VVIP Lounge is the perfect platform to make a lasting impression on these high-level delegates. As a sponsor, you will enjoy branding opportunities inside the VVIP Lounge. Branding of the VVIP Lounge is subject to organiser's approval and the sponsorship price excludes production.

VVIP Lounge

VIP Club
The VIP Club caters to an exclusive group of high-level executives in the aerospace industry. Sponsoring the VIP Club allows you to initiate direct contact with our delegates, VIPs and fellow exhibitors. Your company will also benefit from the extensive branding on the interior and exterior of the club. Branding of the VIP Club is subject to organiser's approval and the sponsorship price excludes production.

VIP Club

Internet Centres
In our fast-paced world, we are virtually connected 24/7. The Internet transcends time zones and at an event with international participation, no email goes unchecked. While exhibitors and visitors log on to check their email, they will not miss your company's branding prominently displayed at the Internet Centres. Branding of the Internet Centres is subject to organiser's approval and the sponsorship price excludes set-up and equipment.

Internet Centre

Mobile Phone Charging Stations
Be noticed while visitors charge up their mobile devices for the day! Place your logo on this great option and gain extended brand coverage! These stations can simultaneously charge all types of cell phones and mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Motorola, Samsung and Nokia.

Phone Charging Station

Visitor Information Counter
Definitely the first-stop for any visitor with questions about Singapore Airshow, the Visitors Information Counter boasts the highest on-site traffic. As a sponsor, your brand will be showcased in a prominent area, visible to all visitors.

Visitor Information Counter

Beer Garden
Nothing beats an ice-cold beer on a hot day! With our warm February weather, guests will definitely head out for cold refreshments. As the Beer Garden sponsor, you will enjoy exclusive branding opportunities inside and outside the Beer Garden. Branding of the Beer Garden is subject to organiser's approval and the sponsorship price excludes production.

Beer Garden

Corporate Hospitality Desks
The Corporate Hospitality Desks offer dedicated check-in lanes exclusively for your VIPs. This ensures a smooth registration and red carpet entry to the show for your most important guests and dignitaries. Limited to 6 Hospitality Desks only!

Corporate Hospitality Desks

Business Centre
The Business Centre plays a pivotal role for hundreds of exhibitors and visitors to the Airshow. As a sponsor, you will be providing a valuable service to this group of people and your branding message will be integrated into the facilities, including the Centre's exterior and interior. Branding of the Business Centre is subject to organiser's approval and the sponsorship price excludes production.

Business Centre

Show Carrier Bags
Exclusive to our event, the Singapore Airshow Show Carrier Bags live well beyond the show and allow extended visibility for your brand. Given to all visitors upon registration, the bags are a useful item for storing documents and necessities. The Show Carrier Bags will feature both the Singapore Airshow logo as well as your company's logo. Branding of the Show Carrier Bags is subject to organiser's approval and the sponsorship price excludes production.

Show Carrier Bag

Essential on-site guides for all trade visitors
The Official Show Guides are the must-have for every visitors and are distributed at the registration gateway. These guides will be handed to all VIPs and trade visitors upon arrival.

These guides provide an easy reference for visitors throughout the day and is excellent for strengthening your presence at the event

Visitors Pocket Guide
This handy sized fold-out guide contains important show details, maps and information which guests will need to get around the Airshow! Given out to all trade visitors upon registration, the sponsor of the Visitors Pocket Guide can be certain of constant visibility throughout the show.

Visitors Pocket Guide

Flying Display Guide
The Singapore Airshow Flying Display Guide lists the order of appearance and timing of aerial displays on a daily basis. Distributed at high-traffic areas throughout the show ground, the Flying Display Guide is one of the most sought-after pieces of literature at the Airshow. Branding of the Flying Display Guide is subject to organiser's approval and the sponsorship price excludes production.

Flying Display Guide

Aircraft Guide
Sponsor one of the well-used guides at the show! The Aircraft Guide shows the location and name of each aircraft on the static aircraft display area and will be distributed at high-traffic areas. Branding of the Aircraft Guide is subject to organiser's approval and the sponsorship price excludes production.

Aircraft Guide

Placing advertisements in the Official Show Directory will help you gain exposure with visitors and exhibitors at Singapore Airshow and beyond!

The Official Show Directory is the only publication that contains comprehensive details of all exhibitors. Your advertisement is guaranteed to enjoy extended readership even after the event. Distributed to all delegates, exhibitors and accredited members of the media, the Show Directory will also be sold at the event as well as via mail order before and after the show.

In addition to the highly visible placement on th cover of this publication, you can also reserve space on the centre spread as well as special feature options such as the gatefold on the front cover, belly bands and bookmarks.

Place your order now and enjoy the first right of refusal on this premium space in the next issue!

Show Directory

Reach your target audience throughout the year!
Place an online ad on our website and online newsletter to reach your target audience throughout the year!

Keeping in mind the busy schedules of our trade visitors, we have created our website and online newsletter on mobile-enabled platforms, so that they can keep up to date with the show while on the move! Your online ad will also be automatically reflected on all mobile devices!

Singapore Airshow Website
Interactive platforms take centre stage in this digital age and as the sponsor of the Singapore Airshow website, you can be assured of constant visibility for your brand. Our website consistently registers high traffic, especially during the run up to the event, making it the ideal platform to reach out to aviation professionals and enthusiasts alike! Contact our sales team to find out more on the available banner placements.


Singapore Airshow 2020 eNewsletter
Electronic editions of our Singapore Airshow newsletter, presented in a eflipbook format, are sent quarterly to our delegates, exhibitors and visitors databases via email.

Sponsoring our eNewsletters allow you to gain eyeballs with our audience by associating your brand with us! With prominent logo and banner ad displays in the emailer that will be sent with the eNewsletter, you can be sure of extended exposure for your company!


Maximise investment by directing visitors to your booth!
Prices range from S$5,000 to S$50,000 and are based on the size and location of each billboard. A standard handling fee is charged for made-to-order and irregular sizes. Production is charged at cost and is not included in the price of the billboard.

New! Giant LED TV - Monopolise all eyeballs with our newly installed giant LED TV Screen! Apart from the prominent billboard frame around the Giant LED TV, your organisation will also enjoy tremendous exposure with the recurring TV commercial playbacks over the show days on this giant screen!



  • Along Aviation Park Road - Visible to all visitors travelling in and out of the show grounds, these large-sized billboards ensure high visibility for your company branding!
  • Plaza Entrance - Capture visitors' attention with these strategically located billboards placed right at the plaza entrance and create a long lasting impression in the minds of the show visitors.
  • Exhibition Hall Exterior - Large banners on the side of the hall facing the carpark and pedestrian bridge offer great dual visibility for your company.
  • Static Aircraft Display Area - This is a high-traffic area which offers good positions for A-sign Boards that will be displayed at the railings surrounding the area.
  • Foyer - Capture visitors' attention with large billboards right at the foyer where the traffic is the highest at any one point in time during the event!
  • Below Staircase - Enhance visibility for your company with billboards fronting the staircase that all visitors must access in order to reach the second level of the exhibition hall.
  • Along Chalet Line - Chalet holders will be entitled to special discounts for placement of A-sign Boards outside their chalets.
Billboard Billboard Billboard
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