20 - 25 FEB 2024 Changi Exhibition Centre, Singapore
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What's Next @ Singapore Airshow

Budding start-ups and their revolutionary technologies are shaking up the landscape across various sectors. Embracing these innovators as potential growth drivers of the industry, Singapore Airshow will launch its own version of What’s Next with a focus on areas of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Systems and Cyber Security.

Beyond pitching to potential investors and accelerators, What’s Next serves as a unique platform for them to interact with industry heavyweights, share ideations and establish new business development leads.


Start-ups with product or technology of interest to the companies in aviation and aerospace sectors are welcome to participate. These sectors are some of the earliest adopter of technology, and current areas garnering great interest include:


Data Analytics
Cyber Security
Artificial Intelligence
Virtual/Augmented Reality
Autonomous Systems


Autonomous Systems
Additive Manufacturing


Artificial Intelligence & Cybersecurity

  • During data access and processing, how can we effectively detect cloud-based cyber anomaly, and predict threat and deception?

  • To develop AI-enabled resource optimisation and scheduler for traffic control, on-demand transportation, car park, energy consumption, building facilities (lift, secure door, utilities, waste processing) operation management.

  • To develop AI-enabled resource optimisation and scheduler for technical resources and components repair/utilisation/storage in smart MRO operation management.

Digital Solutions

  • How can we effectively utilise virtual reality training simulation for maintenance, inspection and repair procedures in smart MRO operation?

  • How can we effectively utilise AR visualisation for visual cues & inspection record logging during maintenance operation and inspection of aircraft, vehicle and marine vessel?

  • To develop data analytics platform/module capable of providing pre-emptive decision, sense-making, reasoning through predictive analytics and machine learning for optimization of: 1. Public transport operations, 2. Industrial Waste Management, 3. Maritime traffic & port terminal management and 4. Video Analysis in human behaviour anticipation

Automation & Smart Transport

  • How can we achieve autonomous navigation and mapping in GPS-denied environment?

  • To develop unmanned platform capable of underwater navigation autonomy with exploration (position, sonar and optical imaging) information/data in underwater transmission.

  • To develop aerial view perimeter security surveillance for large area key installations to detect/track intruders and alerting command centre.

  • To develop autonomous people movers for safe and efficient transportation in urban environment with obstacle (moving human and vehicle) avoidance and anti-collision features.

  • How can we enable UAV Detect and Avoid (DAA) Navigation without the use of GPS?

  • How can we leverage on UAV as flying base stations?

  • How can we neutralise rogue drones swiftly and effectively in an urban environment?

  • To develop long-endurance unmanned vessel for coastal security surveillance to detect/track trespassing vessels into restricted zone and alerting command centre.

Smart Manufacturing & Marketplace

  • To develop innovative solutions in 3D manufacturing

  • How can we enhance operational efficiency and reliability for healthcare, hospitality and security using robotics solutions?

  • How can we automate manufacturing, warehousing, logistics and seaport/airport operations to enhance operational efficiency and reliability?

  • How can we automate exterior inspection for airframe and large marine vessel (hull)?

Sustainability & Energy

  • How can we reduce carbon footprints in the aviation industry through the use of cost effective alternative energy?


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- Nslcomm

Definitely one of the best platforms for start-ups to gain exposure in the aerospace and defence industry. The event is topnotch, with a lot of buzz and activities. We met prospects from different levels of the value chain and generated very good leads! Highly recommended.

- Goldbell

For us, it was a significant opportunity to get on a global stage. We were able to showcase our innovations to industry thought leaders, prospective clients and investors from Asia Pacific region and beyond. I would say exhibiting at What’s Next has broadened our scope of customers and generated good publicity, much beyond our expectations.

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