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Past Webinars

Past Webinars


Sustainable Aviation Fuels for Airlines - The Path Forward

Date of Session: 12 July 2022

Alternative jet fuels from sustainable sources are critical to near-term goals to significantly reduce airliner carbon emissions. There is huge momentum worldwide to increase the availability and affordability of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). Watch as our panel of experts discuss the latest developments and challenges related to SAF.

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Asia-Pacific: A Hub for Tomorrow's Technologies

Date of Session: 27 January 2022

The region is rapidly becoming a hub for some of the latest innovations in aviation, from urban air mobility to sustainable propulsion. Ahead of February’s Singapore Airshow, where many of these exciting developments will be major talking points, we bring together a panel disruptive thinkers and aerospace leaders to discuss the potential of these technologies, and how a resurgent Asia-Pacific could be a proving ground for new modes of air travel.

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Future of MRO in Asia-Pacific

Date of Session: 9 December 2021

Despite the challenges of border closures and flight groundings, the Asia-Pacific region remains one of the most important and dynamic markets for MRO. In this webinar, our expert panel will discuss growth prospects and challenges for the sector as airlines resume flights in earnest and recovery begins. What opportunities, for instance, do the rapid growth in international e-commerce, the arrival of latest-generation aircraft, and the emergence of new technologies promise for MRO providers and the wider industry?

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The future of Aerospace in the Asia Pacific

Date of Session: 29 November 2021

Military tensions are on the rise, and the commercial airline industry has gone through fits and starts due to the COVID crisis. So what does 2022 hold for aerospace in the Asia-Pacific? Join leading Aviation Week editors and forecasters as they identify key trends in the region and explain what they mean. What will it take to get air traffic back to 2019 levels – and how fast will that happen? How does a return to growth drive the fleet outlook for the next decade? What’s driving defense spending in the region, which countries will be key players and what types of platforms will be in demand?

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The pace of airpower modernisation in Southeast Asia

Date of Session: 8 September 2021

Southeast Asia has several pressing requirements for new military aircraft. But, progress is slow. What are the key Southeast Asian airpower requirements over the coming decade? How can each country’s domestic industry contribute to meet these requirements? Our panel of industry experts will discuss these questions and more.

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Reshaping Asia-Pacific Air Network Post-Covid

Date of Session: 20 May 2021

The pandemic has had a devastating impact on air transport networks in Asia-Pacific, both regional and long-haul. As vaccine programmes roll-out and passengers return to the skies, what will the new landscape look like? Will short-haul be the quickest to return? What is the future of low-cost and business travel? How can intercontinental hub carriers rebuild? Hear from our expert panel representing airlines, airports and the wider industry.