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Lest we forget, MRO is team sport

Lest we forget, MRO is team sport

 INDUSTRY 360° | 05 JUNE 2019

MRO is the highly complex commercial aviation aftermarket industry that is currently valued at US$75B and is estimated to grow to over US$110B within the next decade.

Given the significant numbers, the already-blurred lines of the traditional supplier-customer relationship between manufacturers, Tier 1 suppliers, aircraft operators and MRO suppliers will become further distorted.

The introduction of certain competition related aircraft operational data services that limit the flow of non-proprietary technical and operational information could become counterproductive. 

2018 was a record-breaking year for commercial aviation in terms of safety and reliability, with many carriers consistently achieving technical dispatch rates (TDR) in excess of 99.8%. This is the result of decades of cooperation and collaboration amongst OEMs, aircraft operators, regulators, and MRO suppliers.

Further improvements can only be achieved if all stakeholders continue to share information, experience, and knowledge.

So, while corporate strategists devise schemes to monetise MRO data, a word of caution: we mustn’t view one another as potential competitors.

As an industry, we must ensure that the lines of communication among stakeholders stay open, and the pursuit of safety and reliability remains our collective top priority. 

A wise man once told me there is no “I” in MRO. Lest we forget, MRO is a team sport.

By: Jonathan M. Berger, Managing director